On the Upcoming US Election

Check out this piece by Canada’s Rebel.media http://tinyurl.com/campaign-speech

When it comes to election trails, the modus operandi for too long has been to squander opportunities to present real solutions to ongoing problems, in favour of wasting the entire time at the mic with polarizing rhetoric and slanderous speech. Hillary Clinton is a prime example of why the focus of election campaigns has to switch from fear mongering and stereotypes, from labelling and propaganda, to solid plans that refocus people off of social Marxist “group speak” and onto real problem solving and team building.

Hillary-ClintonIt’s time to refocus on American values that made the nation strong prior to its free-fall into mass poverty with the GDP-to-debt ratio at an all time high (Take a moment and look at the facts – http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/government-debt-to-gdp).

It’s time to elect leaders who focus on uniting the country under solid plans that stabilize and strengthen the nation’s moorings, and on restoring confidence and hope for the future, while reinvesting in the core values of the nation that made it strong to begin with; namely that of protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Elect a leader worthy of your vote, that promotes unity and teamwork rather than polarizing the country and entrenching it in the elevation of minority values and in marginalizing the moral voice, and bullying the masses to accept initiatives that corrupt and degrade the human person, the traditional family, and strong and safe communities.

Take the time to educate yourself before you vote in the upcoming elections. You won’t have the chance again for several years and our economies, families and communities will either suffer or prosper based on whether or not you choose wisely and vote well on election day.

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