The Cultural Marxist Left Ignore the Threat of Fundamentalist Islam


Justin Trudeau Praying at mosque

The Justin Trudeaus of the world would shake hands and play nice with the likes of Islamist terrorists. They would willingly endorse the creation of one, government sanctioned, Islamic brotherhood styled “charity” after another that would fund and fuel terrorism both domestically and abroad and usher us into an era in Canada of state enshrined sharia law. They can’t seem to see past the end of their own noses and demonstrate with full boldness that they are as short sighted as they come.

Their mindless zombie-esque mantra of “tolerance” turned “acceptance” of everything, even the completely evil, at all costs,  especially if it can bring you closer to winning the next election, demonstrates the very kind of opportunistic vision we don’t need in a free and democratic society. What we need is a leader with backbone to stand for the unpopular, yet moral (yes I said moral) values that built our nation “strong and free” and that have the ability to keep it that way.

Take a moment and think about statements that Trudeau gives that even make Tarek Fatah, the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, respond “outrageous.”

In August of last year it was reported that ‘Justin Trudeau is being accused of “intellectual dishonesty” for visiting a Montreal-area mosque the U.S. military reportedly considers an al-Qaida recruitment centre.’ The Liberal leader acknowledged that ‘he’d attended the Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah Mosque, which follows the strict Wahhabist interpretation of Islam’ and he then ‘cast doubt on the veracity of the American government’s designation.’


Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque
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Let’s talk about the back story before we get to Trudeau‘s response. ‘In April, the New York Times published it [the Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah Mosque] among a list of others found in classified military documents as places where “al-Qaida members were recruited, facilitated or trained.”‘

So what was Trudeau‘s response?

“I know a number of people who have been listed by the U.S. government on a no-fly list and we in Canada have our own determinations for those sorts of things because the U.S. is known to make mistakes from time to time.”

To this, Tarek Fatah further stated, “(This) mosque he mentions with pride is in his own words a Wahhabi mosque, the role model for ISIS, Hamas, al-Qaida and the Taliban.” ‘Fatah said the Liberal leader would have been better off “denouncing jihad, Sharia and Jew-hatred that is the staple lecture at these mosque sermons.”‘

Some want to claim that Justin Trudeau did not know about the terrorist connections to the mosque at the time when he visited it. These are veiled (forgive the pun) attempts to distract from the fact that Justin goes from one mosque to another bringing acceptance and looking for friends, no matter how fundamentalist or extreme the mosque is. What is clear, is that Justin knowingly attended a Wahhabi mosque and played nice, shaking hands and kissing babies. Regardless of whether he knew at the time that the mosque is directly tied to terrorism or not, someone determined to, one day, become prime minister had better know where they are going, and what the audience he is speaking to believes in and promotes.

While it is a nice thought to believe that everyone in our country is well intentioned and just wants to get along with one another, not everyone is. There are some who are determined to completely change Canada into a very different system, with a regime not unlike Stalin’s or Hitler’s.

On a daily basis, as the head of Concerned Christians Canada, I receive reports and e-mails, from people from Countries around the world, relating to the tactics and brutal behavior employed by fundamentalist Muslims who take the writings and example of their “prophet” Muhammad to heart. They employ the same tactics against non-Muslims that he did and they share the same view that both non-Muslims and “apostate” Muslims are effectively swine for the slaughter.

Where do these Muslims get these views? They are taught them in their mosques; because their “holy” books, they read from, teach the life and values of Muhammad. Yet, with one nation after another suffering under the tyranny of fundamentalist Islam one can only scratch their head in complete awe of the dumbfounding ignorance of up-and-coming “leaders” that ignore a world of examples of tyranny and terror. Turning one’s gaze to middle eastern countries, and increasingly European countries (that didn’t take the Islamist threat seriously), anyone can easily see why ignoring the threat of fundamentalist Islam is foolhardy, especially in order to win political points for election positioning.

President Hollande Receives Egyptian Counterpart Al-Sisi - Paris

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
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I find such obtuse behavior even more odd when you consider that leaders from the Muslim world are calling Muslim people to modernize and civilize the religion of Islam. Take for example the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who in a speech on “New Years Day” 2015 called for a “religious revolution” stating “Is it possible that 1.6 billion people (Muslims worldwide) should want to kill the rest of the world’s population—that is, 7 billion people—so that they themselves may live?” he asked. “Impossible.”

There are others within the Muslim world that are on a quest to root out all the nasty parts in the Islamic Hadiths that they feel Muhammed didn’t really say or perhaps mean. For example, the Turkish government’s Department of Religious Affairs has assigned the task, to a team of theologians at the School of Theology of Ankara University, to revise the hadiths over a three year project. It has been noted that one can find justification for many barbaric practices such as FGM (female genital mutilation) in the hadiths in their current form.

I have also received information from individuals who are former Muslims who have stated how easy it is to be directed from being a casual Muslim with moderate views to a full fledged terrorist in only a matter of years. The pathways from mosque to terrorist school are available for the inclined and that path is encouraged through the Islamic writings and teachings of the qur’an and the hadiths.

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So, to be clear, prominent figures in the Muslim world in Canada and abroad are making statements to the effect that there are serious threats to domestic and foreign peace that can be found in the qur’an and the hadiths. Government security departments have categorized various Muslim “charities” and mosques as refuges, training grounds, or fund raising arms for Islamist terrorism. On top of that, we are seeing incidents, day in and day out, of civil unrest and all out terror at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists around the world, but Justin Trudeau and other naive cultural Marxists would promote acceptance rather than ring the liberty bell and keep our land strong and free from tyranny.

There are social Marxists in Canada and in the United States, in political leadership and in academic circles, promoting these foolish short-sighted mentalities that are not thinking about how to weed out the good apples from the bad, and nor are they acting to do so. You don’t solve the problem by pretending it doesn’t exist Mr. Trudeau and friends, you solve it by exposing the truth, sorting through it and devising a real plan; to educate citizens away from barbaric and terrorist behaviors, to clamp town on terrorist nests, incubators, and training grounds, to shut down financing arms of terrorist regimes, and to work with Muslim groups that acknowledge the threat and dangers of sharia law, of fundamentalist teachings in Islamic writings, to bring about the changes that need to happen to ensure a safe future for all Canadians.

Time to stop swallowing the toxic soup of lies found in the pot of political correctness and to put on our big boy pants and pony up to the challenge of dealing with the islamic threat before it’s too late.

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